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The start / finish is located at Knighton Social Club, Knighton, Staffordshire ST20 0QH. The easiest access is from the A41, north of Newport and signposted 'Puleston, Knighton, Cheswardine'. Follow the signs and a straight road leads you directly to the car park after 3.5 miles.

Car Parking

The car park is clearly signed. There is adequate, free parking in a large field adjacent to the start / finish. Access to all facilities is through a gate between the parking area and the social club. There is no need to go back onto the road to get to registration, etc.


There are limited changing facilities in the outside toilet / shower blocks. It is not anticipated that many runners will choose to use them because the car park is adjacent to the social club. There is no baggage storage needed because of the close proximity of the car park to the start / finish.


There are three showers available.


There are 9 permanent toilets available, including 1 disabled toilet.


There will be refreshment stops at intervals of approximately 5km where water will be available. From 15km, isotonic drinks will also be available and this will be progressively supplemented with snacks, i.e. sweets, chocolate, dried fruit. At 25km, there will be a more comprehensive refreshment stop with toilet facilities.

Medical Support

In line with Run Britain guidance, full medical support will be available before, during and after the Marathon.

Health and Safety

A copy of the risk assessment will be available for all runners on this web site and at the start / finish. The wearing of MP3 players is strictly forbidden during the race. No finishing time will be recorded for any runner who is spotted wearing headphones at any time during the race.

Runners should keep to the left at all times, unless instructed otherwise by marshals.

Cut-Off Time

There is a cut-off time of 6 hours for the event. If any runner passes through the half-way point after 2 hrs. 45 mins. has elapsed, they will be advised that the organisers cannot guarantee support during the remainder of the race.


A minibus will follow the last runner, subject to him / her running at a pace which will achieve the cut-off time. Any runner who drops out will be returned to the start / finish area by the minibus.


There will be large bin bags available just after the refreshment stops. Please make every effort to use them when discarding your cups, bottles, etc. If you do need to drop anything, please don't hurl it into a hedge or field - our helpers will find it much easier to locate and pick it up from the surface of the road.


There are Camping and Caravanning facilities available at Knighton Social Club. The cost is £4 - 5 per night and booking can be arranged by telephoning 01785 280255.

Food & Drink

Coffee, tea and other drinks will be available from 0730 hrs. in the Social Club. From 1200 hrs. food will also be available. There is also a great value licensed bar which opens at 1100 hrs.